Lødingen Concert Trip

Yesterday (Saturday) I traveled to Lødingen to play a concert with my friend Christopher Briggs. I had also hoped it would be a chance to take pictures of new views on the way. However it rained most of the day, with low cloud, so there was almost no opportunity for photography: just 7+ hours of concentrated driving.

The concert consisted of a mix of popular and less well known organ and piano solos, plus one duet (an arrangement of the 2nd movement of Camille Saint-Saëns 3rd symphony (the Organ Symphony). We also used some of the videos, created for our Være i stillheten events in Finnsnes. The evening went well with an audience of 24 (a good number for Lødingen), and a free will offering netting about 1500 kroner for the church music fund.

I’m grateful to Christopher for his invitation and hospitality.

Here are some pictures (most from Christopher – thanks!). The bridge links the mainland to the Lofotens on which Lødingen is located. The old geezer with the ear piece is me (no I’m not listening to the cricket, nor am I hard of hearing: it’s to help me keep in sync with the video, although it was quite disconcerting hearing the rather differently tuned Finnsnes organ in one ear and the Lødingen instrument in the other!). There is more information about the organ here.

6 responses to “Lødingen Concert Trip

  1. Actually, Jon, the offering was 1683 KR…. 🙂 But very good for a small place like ours, and this sort of arrangement. That doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t room for improvement. With the challenges our churches face in the future, of course, we shall have to do even better. But it was a very good start. We are all very grateful for doing this for us.

  2. we are all very grateful for you doing this for us, meant to write!

  3. Brings back fond memories of Prince Georges Wednesdays

  4. What a gorgeous building. There should have been 75 folk there!

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