An Indian Summer

This weekend we discovered that Norwegians also use the expression “an Indian summer”. The same weekend last year brought the first snow of winter, but this year we have had another two days of high temperatures, full sunshine and sunbathing! The only snow to be seen was small remnants from last winter, high in the mountains. The sky was blue, the sea was blue and Hurtigruter gave our brides it’s customary salute. Only the plants were confused as the summer flowers continued to bloom while the leaves began to fall.

Yesterday we had some of the last weddings of the summer season, the last of which also included a baptism (never done one of those before). Amongst all the finery were lots of ‘bunad’ (Norwegian folk costumes), from many different localities. Particularly eye-catching was the lady in the stripey wool socks. I shall never worry again about wearing socks with sandals.


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