Out Of Puff

Today (Sunday) came with a suprise: a power cut in the middle of morning worship. First the lights went out and then about 10 seconds later all the air was gone from the organ, resulting in a rather premature and slightly comical end to the hymn. Unable to finish the hymn, the minister promptly announced that we would sing the next hymn?! Quick as a flash (how quick that is), I remembered that the organ (in Bjorelvnes church) still had it original hand pump, so I enlisted the help of the nearest man (lesson: don’t sit near the organ) to pump. This worked reasonably well, although the air pressure was a bit variable so the intonation and volume were proportionately wobbly. However, rather alarmingly, after only half a verse some other men near by started to look worried and rushed over to help. Thankfully at that point the power came back on, saving any impending heart attacks. None the less I’m very grateful to my volunteer for his help.


Later in the day we had skolestartfamiliegudstjeneste (a bit like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but different), a special family service to start the school year, and to which those just beginning school are particularly invited (they also receive a book). Given that the organ in Finnsnes church has no hand crank facility we were glad to maintain full power throughout.

We heard the parable of the woman with 10 silver pieces who lost one and was overjoyed to find it again, and the children then went on their own treasure hunt, only to discover it was Jesus who finds them first.

Great fun and a powerful remind that all is by God’s grace alone  (alt av nåde).


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