Autumnal Colours on Varden

I am tri-lingual. I speak English (UK) “Autumnal colours on Varden), English (US) “Fall colors on Varden”, and basic Norwegian “Høstlige farger på Varden”. Which ever language you use, autumn is beautiful, although because the temperatures and weather here have been very up and down this year, the trees seem a little confused and have not all turned at one time.

Yesterday we had an afternoon walk up the nearest ‘top’, Varden. Most of the walk is through the woods, comprised largely of silver birch, although there are some trees which look like they are transforming into firs (it’s actual moss on the branches). It’s also just past the peak of berry picking season, so most of what remain are not edible.

Dead wood makes a great home for many fungi:

The walk gives good long-range views over the ‘sea’ to the island of Senja and the mountains which over look the fjords on its outer side.

There are several patches of what appear to be ‘weak trees’.  In reality, birch are quite flexible and the weight of snow winter often bands them into interesting shapes!

Towards the top the trees and undergrowth are more advanced with their autumn colours, in places looking like a red carpet.

Above the tree line (400 m / 1250 ft) come panoramic views stretching at least 40 km / 30 miles.

Also at the top is the kvilabua (rest hut), 450m / 1476ft above sea level. A good place to sit out of the wind, admire the view, eat a Twix and see who else has signed the visitor book (in this case it was our Susanna who had been there the day before on a school walk).

Then time for a couple of photos for the family album (Eyes wide shut) before heading down again.

Og endelig solskinnet (and finally, sunshine):



4 responses to “Autumnal Colours on Varden

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    We have so enjoyed your sojourn in Norway.  I know we will never be able to go there..  We are doing much better here at the retirement home.  Charlie is actually walking and walking the dog 2-3 times a day.  My eyes are the big problem now.  Jon, Sara you would love our Chuch of the Resurrection.  The Liturgy is mostly sung with a Cantor with a marvelous voice.  Lots of young families and children and a good mix of us older ones.  Prince George lost its Secretary, assistant Rector and now its Music director…all in a month. We do miss Prince George but feel so fortunate to have this up here. God Bless you both. Joe Ferguson  

  2. Hi Joe and Charlie. Lovely to hear from you and it’s good news that Charlie is up and out. I’m also glad you’ve found a church with people you love and that you can be involved with (although I couldn’t imagine for 1 minute that you’d not be involved!). Jon



    ernie.olga abbott@

    • Hi Thelma. Lovely to hear from you. I’ve ‘subscribed’ Ernie and Olga and they should get an email to confirm it soon.

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