The Return Of ‘Proper’ Nights

We’ve returned to nights which are actually dark. Whilst summer is fun with 24 hour daylight, it’s actually a bit of a relief to return to ‘normal’ nights.

With darkness come the more dramatic sunsets too. And next week there is a good Northern Lights forecast, so we’re hoping for clear skies so we can watch.

Return_Of_Proper_Night_02 Return_of_proper_night_01


One response to “The Return Of ‘Proper’ Nights

  1. In practice you are completely correct; in theory, you must wait until the 14th September (based on where I live – but since we are talking about minute differences here, it is about the same for you). Night occurs after astronomical twilight has ended. There are three types of twilight: civil twilight, nautical twilight and astronomical twilight. With the latter type, it is often so faint that – to all intents and purposes – you are in the night time. Nevertheless, being a incorrigible pedant that I am, your first “night” will not actually occur until about midnight on the 14th September. ;P

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