Autumn Colours On Senja

The days of autumn colours are coming to a close, hastened by a strong wind which has been blowing the leaves of the trees for the last three days. Sadly the days I’ve had time take a photo tour have coincided with rain, so I think I’ve missed the best of the colours for this year.

Today I was in Botnhamn on the north of Senja and took a bit of extra time on the way back for pictures. I began with a detour to Baltsfjord which lies at the end of a side road near Botnhamn. I’ve often seen the sign post and been curious about what was there, so I today I took time. It turns out to be a hand full of houses at the end of a dirt track – definitely a very peaceful place.

Having returned to the main road, these were on the journey home:

However, I didn’t take pictures at the police ‘road block’ near Finnsnes where they were checking driving licenses and carrying out breath tests. I passed the breath test with flying colours, but caused some consternation with my very old English driving license. Having checked both sides and turned it upside down, the nice officers enquired:

“Where’s the picture?”
“It doesn’t have one, but it’s legal”
“You can swap to a Norwegian license – it’s valid all over Europe”
“That’s OK”

I quite like my old one – it’s a talking point.

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