Green Rain

Last night there were Northern Lights, again (do tell me if you get bored of hearing about them). No where near as strong as last week, but I decided to take some pictures uansett (anyway).

Apart from a few well defined clouds the sky was really clear – lots of stars, a bright moon, and just the faintest remains of daylight, despite it being between midnight and 1 am.

Taking pictures on long exposure can generate unexpected results, including what appears to be green rain:

Green_Rain_00and a green rainbow (if that’s not a contradiction in terms):


Here are some more pictures:

And finally, I also experimented with humans. I now understand why Victorians look so odd in photos: it’s really hard to stay still for 30 seconds. However, it’s for a reason. I wanted a picture of my Farm Africa sweatshirt, given to me as a gift for helping with a fund raising concert at Skipton Baptist Church in England. Yesterday Rob Harris, their newly retired pastor was in touch, and I wanted him to see how far their ‘advertising had reached’!


One response to “Green Rain

  1. Impressive portrait. You should have let me know. I have you in this tea-shirt on my pictures from our Finnsnes visit.

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