Vassbruna is the highest peak in Lenvik Kommune, where we live, and on Firday, after many attempts at finding a mutually convenient day with good weather, I finally climbed it with a fellow kantor, Fredrik Lantz.

We set off from Tårnvatnet, a lake near Rossfjord, on the short, but steep route. It’s about a 10 km / 7  mile round trip, and the peak is at 1203 m / 3946 feet. The walk initially took us up through the woods and then beside waterfalls, almost to the ‘saddle’ between the 2 main peaks. We enjoyed mostly sunny weather, but high winds which made for an ‘exciting’ time stood both on the narrow step path on the way to the saddle, and later, on the summit ridge! What at first sight looks like the sun reflecting off the lake below is actually white crests on the waves – quite unusual here:

Once we reached the saddle we had a gentle walk to the foot of the main peak. Vassbruna is named such because, unusually in northern Norway, the top has a lot of earth (dirt), as opposed to just stones, and it was almost like walking through a field. We had great views back over Lenvik and Senja, with the Kisterfjell and it’s iconic TV transmitter tower, and on the other side, to Malangen and the mountains of Indre Troms. The path also took us next to some very precipitous cliffs, plunging well over 1000 ft straight down, although it’s difficult to really capture the height in photos!

As we crossed the saddle, the looming peak seemed daunting, especially as the red way-markers  seemed to go in a straight line towards what looked like a near vertical cliff! However, as we got near, we were able to make out a zigzag path, which, whilst steep, was manageable. The very highest tiny blip on the first picture below is the summit ‘cairn’. Once at the top, the wind was very strong, but not so bad we couldn’t spend half an hour taking pictures, looking over the edge (it’s a very long way down), signing the visitors book and eating lunch. Pictures below and a 360 degree panorama here.

Having checked the visitors book, we found we were the first people there in a couple of days, although a few steps away were evidence of another visitor – a high altitude hare. We then headed for home down the same track, putting less strain on our lungs, but more strain on our knees.

And finally here was the view from the lake to where we had walked.

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