Trip To Vangsvik

At the end of October we will play a concert in Vangsvik kirke.  It’s a bit of a first for us – our first concert as family (Susanna playing at least as our equal), and our first ever concert for money!

So, in preparation, Sarah and I took a trip to check out the venue and instruments (Susanna was away in Cadiz, sunning herself on a school Spanish trip). Vangsvik lies right at the south end of Senja, about 20km from Finnsnes and we enjoyed a beautiful drive, taking in the Art Senja gallery on the way home.  Much of our area is covered in silver birch trees, which have now almost entirely lost their leaves, revealing the other varieties in their midst. Vansgvik looks out over the sea to the mainland and also to the small island community on Dyrøy, linked by bridge to the mainland.

Vangvik kirke is an ‘interesting’ piece of concrete architecture – very austere and utilitarian (a bit like a nuclear bunker)! However, they do have a very nice little organ (details here) and the most striking feature inside is the picture over the communion table, by a local artist / musician friend of ours, Sven Arild Berntsen.

Here are some pictures. In homage to my friend Christopher Briggs black and white blog, I’ve ‘manipulated’ some images, to almost B&W.

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