Endelig Snø

Endelig snø – finally snow!

On Friday I traveled to Tromsø with the rest of our parish leadership team for an excellent conference as part of Agenda 1. On the drive there we began to see that some of the highest inland peaks had a sprinkling of fresh snow, and as we returned on Sunday afternoon it was snowing again, with the snow line down to 1000m (3100 feet) . Winter is now really on the way.

Last year the first snow came at the end of August, so we have enjoyed a prolonged stay of execution. To reinforce the impending winter, the local shops are now stocking snow shovels, the roads are lined with the red wayside marks used to guide snow ploughs, and most tractors have been fitted with their snow clearing accessories. Yesterday Susanna wondered “why do we keep smelling bonfires?” – in reality it’s woodsmoke from the woodburning stoves which the hardy north Norwegians have finally lit (apparently it’s over a month since the southern softies lit theirs).

Pictures are from Sunday afternoon (taken from a moving car), and this morning.

4 responses to “Endelig Snø

  1. The softies down south (Tim)

    Have you dusted down your skis?

    • Arctic Organist

      No need for dusting – they’re still stood in Sarah’s office, together with boots etc. However I do need to scrap off the klistre (? snow glue stuff) – yuck.

  2. The softies down south (Tim)

    Useful film and klister-removing instructions on http://www.klikk.no/helse/dinkropp/trim/article445881.ece !

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