Norwegians just love making long words from smaller ones! I haven’t quite worked out the rules yet, so for example it’s possible to have Intimkonsert (an intimate concert) and Våpenhuskonsert (weapon-house concert), but apparently not Intimvåpenhuskonsert (an intimate concert in the weapon-house). But what’s a ‘våpenhus’ (weapon-house) you might reasonably ask. Well it’s the room between the outside church door and the sanctuary, where you have to leave your weapons.

So, on Wednesday evening we shall play an intimate concert in Finnsnes church’ våpenhus to raise some money to pay for furniture to go in said room which has recently been redecorated to make it more welcoming to visitors. It’s free to get in but pay to get out!

Because the organ and grand piano can’t be move, we’ll utilize a variety of more portable appliances: harpsichord, harmonium, digital piano, bassoon, recorder and voice. We hope to create the feel of a ‘salon’ evening, with music from the Renaissance to contemporary (I guess in modern parlance that’s unplugged). We’ve almost finalized the program:

Come again John Dowland
Author of light Thomas Campion
Engelsk Suite in G minor Johann Sebastien Bach
Wilt thou forgive John Dunne
Blokkfløyte sonata George Fredrik Handel
Lullaby Peter Warlock
Fagott sonata Philip Telemann
Impromptu No 3 Franz Schubert
Oktober (fra seasonger) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Blå salme Erik Bye / Hennig Sommerro
Scherzo for harmonium Alexandre Guillmant
Gymnopdeie No 1 Erik Satie
Salut d’amour Edward Elgar
Det finaste Hellbillies
Alltid fredig All sang

If you’re in Finnsnes on Wednesday, do join us – and don’t worry, despite being a furniture fund-raiser, chairs are provided!


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