Switching To Winter

Rather a long post today – lots of pictures!

Having written about two weeks ago that snow was finally returning to the mountains, we have subsequently watched the snow-line gradually drop from 1000 m / 3100 ft, to under 500m / 1600 ft. These photos were taken in Rossfjord last week and the last one shows Vassbruna, where I walked at the end of September, now with lots of snow, but still nothing at sea level:

Following a relatively warm weekend, on Monday a couple of colleagues asked if we had heard that proper snow was due on Tuesday. It sounded a bit unlikely as we talked in the staff kitchen, bathed in sunlight with blue skies. However, we decided to call the garage and get them to put new winter tires on for us. OK they said: come down at 5 o’clock and we sort it. So at 5pm we delivered our winter wheels, thinking we would wait while they did the work. We’ll call tomorrow when they’re ready said the man, as we surveyed his workshop full of wheels.

Tuesday morning, right on cue, someone threw the “Winter Switch” and the snow came (pics of Sarah in the car park and the view from my office), but our winter tires did not, so the car was grounded.

Wednesday dawned bright and sunny, but still no sign of our winter wheels. Thankfully Sarah was able to travel with a better-prepared priest to play for a funeral:

Finally at 5pm on Wednesday, just as we began rehearsing for our intimvåpenhuskonsert, the garage called to say the car was ready. Hallelujah! And the concert went well too!

Thursday I played for a funeral in Fjordgård on north Senja. The weather was beautiful, with clouds and sea fog and sunshine, so I couldn’t resist rather a lot of pictures. Wednesday night was very cold and most of the trees shone white with frost. The really shock came as I got further on to Senja: in the space of two days large areas of the sea had frozen (notice the seagulls sat on the ice) and the tunnels had developed icicles several feet long. At the funeral someone mentioned temperatures of -14C / 7 f.  A pretty significant swing – winter has arrived (and it’s snowing again)!


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