Back In The USA

For the next couple of weeks, the Arctic Organist’s odyssey is taking a detour south west, as I (Jon) am visiting the US, catching up with Ruth and seeing friends in Washington and South Carolina. It was quite a temperature shock to step onto the plan at Tromsø surrounded by snow, and to exit Myrtle Beach airport (SC) into bright sunshine and 24C / 75f temperatures and 100% humidity!

I actual set off on Monday. Sarah attended a course on singing and choirs for small children, so we traveled together and I spent the day exploring and taking in a fantastic free lunchtime piano recital in the cathedral. These are pictures from the journey:

On Tuesday I took 3 flights. The first, from Tromsø to Oslo, as noted above, started with snow, but on arrival in to Oslo, it looked like someone had turned the seasons back to late summer / early autumn: no snow, leaves on the trees, etc:

The next leg was from Oslo – Reykjavik (Iceland). I had a couple of hours ‘layover’ in Oslo and came across a rather worrying statue, although it turned out that it only represented an early version of the plane launching system, and I was treated to the improved v2 system, involving self-propelled planes (the intermediate v1.5 based on rubber bands was also rejected – apparently because rubber bands gets brittle and lose their elasticity in freezing temperatures. Arriving in Iceland, the snow was back.

The third leg was from Reykjavik to Washington DC, coming over the coast of Nova Scotia. Heading west I experienced multiple sunrises and sunsets!

Everything went smoothly and I stayed the night in Washington DC with our good friends, the Morgans, before taking the next two flights on Wednesday, from DC to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Myrtle Beach in the sunny south.


One response to “Back In The USA

  1. Hi, Jonathan! I haven’t checked your blog in quite a while, although I wish I had! I would love to have seen you at Prince George! However, my husband and I were in California the week you visited.
    I divorced in May 2011, moved back to my hometown of Rock Hill, SC, and reconnected with my high school sweetheart, and we were married June 2, of 2012. I am VERY happy…life is good!
    Did you ever meet Mike Lumpkin, the rector of St. Paul, Summerville, SC? He is a long-time friend of ours, and he came to Rock Hill, and performed our wedding ceremony. It was perfect! We were married in the Episcopal church I grew up in.
    I imagine it has been quite a challenge adapting to the climate in Norway, and to the culture. I would NEVER survive there; I don’t like going outside if the temperature is below 50 degrees F. Ha! Ha!
    I have joined the RH Choral Society, but, unfortunately, was unable to sing in the Christmas concert Sunday, as I am being treated for an ear infection and a sinus infection. : (
    I hope you, Sarah, and the girls are well; the folks in your church in Norway are very blessed to have you and your family!
    My mother doesn’t get out much since Ruffin passed away; she has difficulty recalling names, and she is self-conscious because she tends to lose her train of thought in conversations. I visit her every few months. It makes me sad that she isolates herself; Liz Forrester and Paul are about the only visitors she has.
    Please give my love to Sarah, Ruth, and Susanna! I hope to see you all when you visit Georgetown again!
    Kathy (Dawson) Barnes

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