Georgetown And Old Friends

Arriving in Georgetown, SC on Wednesday was a surreal experience. It was like like ‘coming home’ in many ways, with a lot of things almost exactly the way I remember them from when we lived here, and yet things have also moved on too. It’s hard to describe!

It was great to see so many friends and leading a choir practice / playing in the church band gave me opportunity to catch up with a lot of folk. In typical Prince George fashion, the choir ladies arranged a supper, so we could eat and talk together. Choir, whilst smaller than when we moved to Norway sang, really well and it was just like old times! My friend Jeremy (aka Jeremiah Scott) is doing an excellent job as interim music director with band.

Days have been filled with meeting people and meals: some planned and others impromptu. The generosity of folk here continues to be a blessing with multiple offers of houses to live in, a car to drive, and enough food to feed a small army.

The weather has been warm but windy, so whilst a trip to the beach is possible, swimming is probably not safe.

On Sunday I played for 2 services at Prince George, and then for an All Saints Sunday choral evensong at Holy Cross in Pawley’s Island. A bit of a bus man’s holiday, but fun. I was joined by Ruth who has brought me to her home in Columbia for a few days.

Here are some random photos which don’t really represent what I did, there just never seemed much opportunity to take pictures of people!


One response to “Georgetown And Old Friends

  1. Hello Jon!! I am so happy to hear that you are here!, Unfortunately, we are way out of the loop, as I have been in Knoxville more days than home! (Actually, I am leaving again Wednesday!) How long willl you be in town, and are Sarah and Susanna traveling with you? I will be back on Friday the 15th and would love to see you and/or/host you. I look forward to hearing from you!

    In the meantime, welcome ‘home’ and enjoy your time. You have been missed so much!!!!!


    Rhonda Myers

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