Back in the Low Country

After visiting Ruth (daughter no. 2 and special education teacher), and her boy friend Jordan (correctional officer no 2) I’m back in the Low Country (coastal area of South Carolina which is, well, low / flat). On the way back we stopped to visit with Jordan’s parents and grandmother who are delightful southern folk, and enjoyed a Japanese meal at a ‘hibachi’ grill where you are seated around a giant hotplate / cooking surface on which the food is prepared as part of a show by a hilarious performing chef.

Today I played for two services at Prince George and really enjoyed seeing so many friends again,  directing the choir, and joining with the band and hearing Paul preach (rector / sokneprest). No pictures from church as everyone just wanted to talk. However, there was a rather cool Mini Cooper S parked outside, which I snapped before the 8am service.

After church we were invited for an open lunch and games afternoon with friends which finally finished a little before 9pm! Once again we experienced the ‘red carpet’ treatment. Thanks Tom and Lauren.


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