Museum Time

I spent Wednesday and Thursday with the Morgans in Washington DC. One of the outstanding features of Washington is it’s plethora of fine museums, all open free of charge!

So as well as an “Ask Anything” Bible study and ministerial breakfast, I visited the:

Marine museum

The Marine museum features some impressive architecture, designed to look like a flag from the outside, and with a large glass atrium inside (see 360 degree panorama here) As well laid out and informative as it was, the thing which had the most impact was hearing from some of the marines who helped as guides. Amidst the honour, loyalty and selflessness, I was left with great sadness  and questions about the brutality and the necessity of loss of life on so monumental a scale.

National art gallery

Entering through the almost cathedral-like main hall, we were treated to a special exhibition of Byzantium art, ranging from early portions of the New Testament to icons and household objects. Then we saw a range of paintings from the last 800 years depicting Bible scenes. Here are just a few, followed by an example of parking in DC!

Aerospace museum

This was the final museum, on my way to airport to fly back to Norway. There was just time to see the Space Shuttle (huge, but the wings look too small), the Blackbird (the worlds fastest aircraft, but only room for 2 people and a camera) and the Concorde (beautifully proportioned, but it doesn’t look big enough!):

And home . . .

At Dulles airport I spotted an early version of the airplane, which apparently didn’t get off the ground because the wings were positioned vertically, although it did function well as a bus. Then I was saw a very rapid sunset before flying back to Norway via Iceland. On the final leg of my journey, flying north over Norway, there was a very peculiar spectacle as the sun lit up patches of cloud below the aircraft bright red, almost like ‘tears’ in a sheet, or looking down on lava! Shame the plane windows were so dirty.

And now I’m back in the frozen north. Thank you again to everyone who made this a very memorable holiday.


One response to “Museum Time

  1. I LOVE the Smithsonian museums. I never tire of them. And Aerospace is one of my favorites but I haven’t visited the Maritime yet. It was so good to see you and we miss you all very much

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