Kom for alt er gjørt ferdig

Sorry for the rather long pause in posting. Sarah has been away in England and we are now headed at full speed into Advent and the countdown to Christmas. I’ll try to catch up with more pictures and news soon. In the meantime . . . Kom for alt er gjørt ferdig!

Come for everything is finished: these are the words of invitation from the Norwegian communion liturgy, but I’ll misappropriate them here as an invitation (if you’re in the area) to our Advent Labyrinth in Finnsnes Kirke. It’s a spiritual journey with the Wise Men to meet the Christ Child and to prepare for Christmas. The room is laid out as a labyrinth using more chairs than I care to count, and there are 12 prayer stations / activities to guide our prayers and reflections. A big thank you to Tracy and Siss Marit for materials and translation assistance.

Alle er invitert på reisen (everyone is invited on the journey). Here are some pictures:



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