Clear Skies (At Last)

So far this year “mørketid” (literally the dark time, ie. the polar night or the two months when the sun don’t shine in Finnsnes) has been pretty dark, with a lot of cloud and heavy snow fall. Everyone seems much more tired than last year, and it has taken a long time for me to get over jet lag after my US trip, because there has been so little light to cue my body.

However, today we finally had clear blue skies, which gave me an opportunity to take pictures with my new camera (a very generous birthday gift). Here are a couple of views around Finnsnes, both wide-angle and zoomed in. As you can see, despite a partial thaw earlier in the week, the snow is piling up. We can only apologise to our friends in the south of Norway for hogging all the snow (see their entry for 1st December 2013)!


2 responses to “Clear Skies (At Last)

  1. Enjoy your clear blue skies! And don’t worry about hogging the snow – we didn’t mind at all! But in any case, it’s caught up today – several feet have fallen this afternoon. Legs as well.

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