The Christmas Express

We are now well and truly on board the Christmas Express!

The parish has already had 4 “Lysmesse” (candle lit services marking the beginning of Advent), the Advent Labyrinth (much appreciated by more than 50 people, despite horrendous weather), and yesterday we have hosted the first of 4 Christmas concerts.

Tomorrow we have 3 of the dozen or so “Julespill” (Christmas plays) put on by staff and volunteers and watched by most of the “barnehage” (pre-school nurseries) in the area. It’s good to be able to report that our ‘Mary’ is still in Norway!

On Wednesday we have the first of another dozen ‘skolegudstjeneste’ (school Christmas services). Almost all the pupils from the primary and middle schools come to one of our churches and participate in a simple service.

And on Sunday, we have our annual parish family Christmas concert, so everyone is in high gear rehearsing. If you’re in the area, do drop in!

Pictures below are posters for this weeks ‘open events’, our Children’s choir at rehearsal today, and the view over the sea to Senja at lunch time (the sea has begun to freeze and the sky was a surreal pink colour making the mountains look like cardboard cut-outs: very strange!).


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