St Lucy

December 13th is celebrated across Scandanavia as Luciadagen (St Lucy’s day). There are many different accounts of her life, including varying versions of a gruesome martyrdom. What seems certain is that she used her wealth to feed the poor, and a tradition has grown up that she carried so much food with her that she could not carry a light, so she lit her way by putting candles in her hair! So, a Black Beards arch nemesis!

In Sweden the commemoration frightening often involves a girl with lit candles in her hair leading a procession into church. In Norway the safer version is a crown of electric candles. So that boys are not left out, in Norway they wear cone shaped hats signifying ‘wise men’ (although looking suspiciously like a dunce’s cap . . .).

Today is also a significant birthday for one of the staff, so we celebrated, combining a staff St Lucie parade, with coffee, cake and the traditional Lussekatt (a kind of figure 8 shaped bun).

A couple of hours later a group of last years confirmants paid a visit to the offices with their own parade!

Here are some pictures. A prize (probably a notional pat on the back) is offered in our ‘spot the difference’ competition (see the first 2 photos). As a tie-breaker we also need the most amusing explanation of what caused the differences in the second picture!


2 responses to “St Lucy

  1. Jon is on the second picture but not the first. Perhaaps the new camera has a timer so a time delay can be set to allow him to bolt into position before the second picture is snapped.

  2. Jon has popped up on the second picture; on the first he was crawling under the white coats in front in order to tickle Sarah behind the knees.

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