Dreaming of a White Christmas?

A couple of days ago we began to experience another thaw – temperatures up 8 degrees above freezing and and rain, causing the snow to melt quickly, and creating a super-slippery surface for walking and driving (I might try to take a video of some of the more fashion-conscious trying to walk on a hill in high heels . . .).

Patches of grass have begun to appear from under the snow, and according to the weather forecast (here in English), the thaw is likely to continue well past the 25th, so in addition to the short term lack of perambulatory friction, we are faced with another, much worse prospect next week. The possibility that a white Christmas will be simply a dream.  Apparently it can happen. The Arctic continues to surprise us!

Finally, it’s been rather dark to take many pictures, but here’s one from my walk to work yesterday:



2 responses to “Dreaming of a White Christmas?

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