Happy Christmas 2013!

Happy Christmas – God jul!

Sorry (again) for the dearth of recent posts. However, now the baby has arrived (Jesus), we should have a little more time to write some updates.

In the meantime, below is our Christmas (eve) / Julaften family picture, and here is a link to a great Christmas letter from Mark Lawrence (Bishop of South Carolina) on the subject of the Perfect Christmas a subject of much discussion internationally this year.

Oh, and on the subject of ‘perfect’ Christmases – our dream of a white Christmas was fulfilled, although today the temperature has risen to about 5C / 41f and it’s started to rain hard with a ‘warm’ wind from the south, so we might yet have a green new year.



2 responses to “Happy Christmas 2013!

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  2. You are warmer than we are! 37 this morning. Merry Christmas. We thought of you often last night at church while singing. This was our first Christmas in Georgetown for many years.

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