A Whale Of A Time

After an almost day off on Friday, Saturday brought the last wedding of 2013 and the annual Finnsnes church Juletrefest (Christmas tree festival / party).

The wedding went off without a hitch (well only the one ‘hitch’ between the bride and groom).

The Christmas party was fun, with lots more people than last year, so dancing around the Christmas tree (in a non-pagan way, singing about Jesus), required 3 concentric circles. Then there were soloists, a children’s nativity / pageant, food and a santa / nissen who was so exhausted from his Christmas ministrations that he had to be carried in!

And the whales? At Christmas some Fin whales appeared locally, following shoals of fish so plentiful they make the water appear to ‘boil’, so today we jumped straight in the car after church and drove out to try to see them. They were quite some way out and it was nearly dark so it was difficult getting good pictures, but here is what we saw.


One response to “A Whale Of A Time

  1. Who would have thought to go to the arctic to have such an international group of folks to work with! Looks like fun. We just finished our Feast of Epiphany with a bonfire of 475 trees and a fire truck! Pictures are on facebook. there was a nice afternoon with Ashley Sosis on Saturday. Very few AGO members were able to make it, and that was a shame. She and Cliff (husband) had prepared quite a lot of food. Its way under 30 degrees here and so I’m thinking of you! Karen

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