New Skates

After a busy New Year of services, yesterday (Friday), we had a day off and took a trip to Tromsø. A good chunk of the journey there and the whole journey back was in dark, but by the time we got to Balsfjord (a little over an hour from Finnsnes) there was enough light to stop for some pictures and to admire the mountains of the ‘Lyngen Alps’ in the distance. It was a cloud, slightly murky day with the bluey greys that produces.

Once in Tromsø we visited the glass blowers (who were closed), Perspectiv (the contemporary photography gallery which had a display of black and white prints from Italy), the ‘international food shop’ to stock up on essentials such as PG Tips tea bags, and the sports shop where we got ice skates. I had hoped that with an excellent Northern Lights forecast we might have been treated to a spectacular display over Balsfjord on our return journey, but it was cloudy with light rain, so we saw nothing – the same fate as the English and Indian tourists we met at a petrol station whilst they were on a ‘Northern Lights Safari’. Nothing is guaranteed here!

Today Susanna and I tried the skates on Finnsnes pond which has just been declared safely frozen. It was ‘interesting’ as the ice currently very uneven due to repeated freezing / thawing and strong winds. Susanna was joined by an international group of her friends, try to teach a girl from Thailand how to skate.


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