Returning Light

We still have a couple of weeks before the sun returns properly, but after a very dark mørketid (the ‘dark time’ when the sun doesn’t rise), due to a lot of cloud, the last couple of days have been much clearer, and therefore lighter.  These pictures were taken yesterday on Senja, looking over a frozen lake to the mountains in the south west. There was quite a breeze, making the tree branches blurry with the relatively long exposures required in lower light.

After the somewhat bizarre situation last week of night time temperatures here in the arctic being 10 degrees warmer than in South Carolina (!), the clear skies have sudden brought much colder temperatures (at best -8C / 17f in the day). Sea fog has been generated between the mainland and Senja. Here is what I saw when I joined Otta the Viking, taking in the view over the sea to Senja:


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