Colour From Black And White

Back in August I played a concert in Lødingen with my friend and predecessor, Christopher Briggs. The plan was to have one concert in Lødingen and another in Finnsnes, with proceeds going to help our parishes (we are only taking petrol money).

On Saturday 8th February, I am pleased to announce that Christopher will come to Finnsnes. The concert is perhaps aptly titled Colour from Black and White – not only because we plan a musically colourful concert played on “ebony and ivory”, but also as a nod to our photo-based blogs, Arctic Organist in colour and The Yorkshire Viking in black and white.

The program is not completely finialised yet, but will last around 1 hour and is likely to include:

  • Haydn – Piano Sonata i B-dur (HOB XVI/2) – Piano
  • Mendelssohn – Sonata i B- dur – Organ
  • Bach – Preludium og fuge i e- moll (BWV 548) – Organ
  • Sibelius – Andantino (Op 24 No 7) – Piano
  • Andre – Sonatina – Piano
  • Gade – 3 Tonstücke für Orgel (Op 22, No 1) – Organ
  • Belier – Toccata pout Grand Orgue


3 responses to “Colour From Black And White

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  2. Of course, strictly speaking Yorkshire Viking (and its Norwegian sister) aren’t black and white…. they are *green*, white, and black…. but of course, you are perfectly right that I usually stick with black and white photography.

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