Sun And Snow In Rossfjord

Sarah has popped back to England for a week to visit her mum and Hannah, so I’m on double duty.

My main responsibility this morning was a funeral in Rossfjord. The organ was ‘interesting’ to play as several pipes were badly out of tune so it meant re-arranging the music ‘on the fly’. The extremely dry winter air makes the wooden pipes ‘shrink’ a bit and then some of the tuning stoppers lose their grip and slide down, causing problems (sometimes whilst playing).  Today’s other ‘pipe problem’ left the church toilet out of commission. Apparently whilst the inlet pipes have a heating wire around them to prevent freezing, waste outlet pipe don’t, making the whole system unusable. And in the winter there’s no option to find an “outdoor alternative” as there are several feet of snow in Rossfjord!

Despite the frozen pipes, we’re experiencing relatively mild weather (only -13C / 9f in Rossfjord as opposed to the -24C / -11f Sarah experienced there 2 weeks ago). However, the conversation in the sacristy beforehand was typically Norwegian: lighthearted bragging about who had been involved in the coldest funeral (I think -31C / -24f was the winner)!

Here are some pictures. Several were taken after midday in a spot where due to the mountain topography the sun only rises after lunch. To the right of the last picture you can see tire tracks where people drive on the lake. What an interesting place to live.


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