Another Way Home

We’re not so very long out of Epiphany, when we remember the visit of the wise men to the infant Jesus. After their visit they were told in a dream to go home by another route, to avoid re-visiting the jealous and murderous king, Herod. So, that gives me a really tenuous link to today’s blog with pictures from the ‘outer’ coast of Senja. I drove another way home after playing for a funeral in Fjordgård, not to avoid Herod (who I’m reliably informed is long dead), just for a change of scenery, especially on a sunny day!

The route takes in first Mefjord and Senjahop:

Then through a tunnel to Ersford:

Then round a peninsula to Steinfjord:

And finally through another tunnel to Bergsfjord, with the many small islands at the fjord mouth, and then classic ‘tourist’ view from the viewing platform at Bergsbotn before heading inland and home:

You can see pictures taken in the summer, going the other direction here and taken in the winter here and here.


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