The Art Of The Ice Maker

When we lived in the US, Americans were always amazed to find out that the majority of English freezers are not equipped with an ice maker, and that ice is not routinely put in drinks (including tea). Instead the English use those wonderful (or useless) ice cube trays which you fill with water, take to the freezer (spilling water on the floor), place in the freezer (usually on top of other things which aren’t level, so more water slops out), and come back a few hours later to remove from the freezer (which is difficult because the water you spilled has turned into ice ‘glue’), and then attempt to either hack the ice cubes out with a knife, or pour hot water over to melt them a bit (usually causing them to jump out into the washing up water).

In Norway they have a different approach to ice making, at least when it comes to getting a nice surface to skate on. On a cold, calm night, you call the fire brigade and have them send a fireman to stand in the middle of the skating rink and spray water everywhere, and hey presto, the next morning you have a great place to skate.

One response to “The Art Of The Ice Maker

  1. I found an interesting information, the fire department may also turn out to become the portable ice makers. :).

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