Sorry for the absence . . .

Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet recently. We’ve had a combination of lots to do and not much to photograph.

Whilst much of Europe, our friends in South Carolina and a good chunk of the south of Norway have suffered unusual  snow falls, ice storms, flooding, power cuts, school closures, wind and tree damaged homes, etc., here in north Norway we’ve pretty much had no weather, with a progressive melt for the last couple of weeks (more like May than February). So, no skiing or skating, and not much to photograph. Next week is the school vinter ferie (winter half term holiday) and parents are already depressed that there wont be anything for the children to do. Case in point being ice skating on the pond which has a couple of inches of water on top of the thinning ice:


On the positive side, we are seeing God at work in many lives through Torsdagklubben (our thrusday evening open youth club), an excellent camp for some of the confirmands, a wonderful family service, an inspirational leadership weekend with Agenda 1 and a very engaging prayer and worship meeting.

Some big news soon (probably tomorrow).


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