Some Goodbyes

Today we said some goodbye.

First to Ann-Eva Hanssen, our ‘administrative’ boss. She has been responsible for us since we came to Norway, and we will miss her greatly. She has a fantastic way of balancing both being boss and a team player, leading when necessary but keen to listen and ready to give room for the expertise of others. Rare talents and skills. And for us personally, she has also gone out of her way to help with  the small and large things which foreigners face moving to a new land. Thank you – we will miss you!

Many people have told us how good Ann-Eva is at her job, and how unusual it is to find a kirkeverger who is truly involved in parish life. This has really been brought home to the parish as we now search for a replacement which is turning out to not straight-forward, having already had one round of interviews and now re-advertising the position. So, if you know a flink (good/clever/skilled/adept) kirkeverger who would like to come and work in Finnsnes, do encourage them to apply!

The other goodbye was to Jørund Håkedal. Jørund has been in the deanery for the last three months of his training, before he begins work next week as a chaplain in the forces. It’s been a privilege to have him with us, getting to know him as a friend, and also working alongside him in many aspects of parish life. He has a deep love of the Lord, an excellent grounding in scripture, a fantastic voice and a willingness serve way beyond the limits of a Norwegian work week!

As always, as many staff as could come assembled to say farewell, drink coffee and eat too much cake:


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