Våpenhuskonsert 2

Vapenhuskonsert_2_01This week is winter half term in Finnsnes and to celebrate, we have Arctic Weekend (yes a 7 day weekend!).

Vapenhuskonsert_2_06The church is taking part in the festivities by holding another Våpenhuskonsert (Weapon House Concert). In Norway the ‘weapon house’ is the entrance hall to the church, where in less peaceful times folk were obliged to leave their armaments. In Finnsnes church it’s big enough to seat about 60 people with space for the performers (or a couple of ICBMs and some AK47s).

Sarah and I will be joined by some friends: musicians Frank Olav Eriksen (Clarinet) and Benjamin Olsvik Nilssen (Percussion), and reading poems will  be Randi Eriksen.

The idea is to create an intimate and informal atmosphere – kind of ‘unplugged’ with candles.

The program is wide-ranging and music provisionally includes:

  • Early English songs for voice and harpsichord
  • Handel – Recorder sonata in A minor
  • Bach – English suite in A minor for harpsichord
  • Piano music by Mozart and Tchaikovsky
  • Clarinet arrangements of Norwegian wedding marches and a song from Chess
  • Norwegian contemporary songs Har du fyr & Å kunne æ skrive på himmelen by Lars Bremmnes
  • Mozart – Bassoon concerto

Entrance is free and refreshments will be served. All proceeds from a ‘collection’ will go to buy furniture (in one of the pictures below we’re sitting in some of the seats brought with money from the last concert).

So, as ever, if you’re in the area, do come!


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