A Run On Everything

Sorry (again) for the sparsity of posts. We’ve just had a week of illness, hit by some kind of cold / flu thing which has really wiped us out, leading to a concert being cancelled and substitutes drafted in to protect the congregation from it’s infectious organists.

We’re slowly getting back to full strength, so over the next few days I hope to have some bits of catch-up news . . .

. . . the first of which is that a couple of weeks ago I visited our local Euro Spar supermarket and it looked like this:

It was the result of panic buying, thankfully not due to an imminent Russian invasion or the type experienced in the US or the UK recently ahead of bad weather, but rather (sadly), because the store was closing and everything was half price.

For us Euro Spar had been the ultimate ‘convenience’ store, laying directly between our apartment and the church, and open until 11pm at night. It also offered the best ‘trawlings’ (food with marked down prices because of it’s sell by date), and it probably had the friendliest staff too.

Now we are forced to walk an extra 150 m to one of two other shops.


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