Airborne !

Påskefestuke (our easter week festival) is now official underway, and we literary had lift off at the first event: 3F! (Finnsnes church’s family outdoor activity group) celebrated their 2nd birthday with sledging in the park, including a sledge jump!

The original plan was for sledging and skating, but the ice on the pond, whilst nearly 1 meter (3 feet) thick was covered with a layer of slush and water, so skating was cancelled. It was a touch and go as to whether sledging would also fall victim to the thaw, but with some careful relocating (shoveling) of snow onto the hill it worked out fine.

After sledging came hot dogs, hot chocolate and a short “andakt” (mini service) in the gapahuk (half a hut). Frank told the events of Palm Sunday through to the last supper, and invited everyone to come back on Monday for Barnas Påskefest (childrens’ Easter festival) to hear what happened next . . . .

The expressions on peoples faces are very telling:

Tomorrow (Sunday 13th April) is Palm Sunday with family services and the Våpenhuskonsert.

Vapenhuskonsert 02f  - revised texts 2e copy - 1000


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