An Audience Point Of View

Today (Palm Sunday) began with family services, complete with processions of palm-waving children. However, unlike in South Carolina where palm branches are plucked free of charge like weeds, here in north Norway the cost of buying them imported is prohibitive, so we used plastic, although they are quite realistic. In Finnsnes church the younger children gathered around the treasure chest and wore crowns to denote that as children of the King, we are princess and princesses who will also receive a crown. Our Ungdomskor (youth choir) sang with the band and organ, and we also auditioned a potential new member:

This evening was the Våpenhuskonsert. I had a plan to audio and video record the concert with a view to putting some on YouTube, but in the end the room was so full that there wasn’t space to set up a video camera, and the audio recorder memory was also full, so all I can offer is a few pictures taken ‘from the audience point of view’. Anyway, the concert was well received, and we were glad to welcome a good number of folk who we didn’t recognise. A retiring  collection brought in about 4500 NOK ($750). A big thank you to both the performers and audience!

Tomorrow is Barnas Påskefest (the children’s’ Easter festival), with 4 storytelling / activty ‘stations’ through which we will hear the Easter story, and music will be led by the children’s choir and band:

Barnes paaskefest 2014 plakat


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