Happy Easter 2014

Christ is risen: He is risen indeed – Hallelujah!!!!

Easter has been a packed day (and night).

Last night, in the middle of a storm we drove with 7 new Syrian friends (Coptic Christians recently come to Finnsnes) to Rossfjord for the 11pm Easter Eve service. This video was taken a little earlier in the evening, before the horizontal snow arrived:

The service included the (long) Easter Exultat which Sarah (the singing kantor) sang and an adult baptism. As we drove back at about 12.30 am there was still some day light and we are now definitely fast approaching summer (albeit that you wouldn’t have know it from the weather!).

This morning we had services in Finnsnes and out on Husøy with traditional høymesse.

After coffee and cake at church, we spent the afternoon with friends on the beach at Russevåg on the southern side of Senja. We had a fire, grilled pølse (sausages), drank hot chocolate, skipped stones and enjoyed the views back over Solbergfjord to the mainland. We had a chilly start, but late in the afternoon the wind dropped and it was gloriously warm (at last). We also got our first sight of wild flowers, which apparently are known to bloom there well ahead of other places (because the snow is all but gone there as opposed to being several feet deep only about a mile away). We were even treated to a pod of whales swimming by, although we don’t know what type – they were about the same size as dolphins.

See also this short video clip and also a 360 degree panorama:

We rounded out the day with two more invitations to coffee and cake.

Oh, snd finally for me, it is exactly two years since I arrived in Finnsnes, and this is my 301st blog entry. Quite a bit has happened – what an adventure God has taken us on.


4 responses to “Happy Easter 2014

  1. thelma beaubian

    I truly enjoy your messages and pictures. It seems as though you are enjoying you new home.
    Thelma Beaubian

    • Arctic Organist

      Lovely to hear from you Thelma and I’m glad you enjoy the blog – it make it worth while for me. Happy Easter!

  2. The whales you saw look very much like harbour poipoises to me, “nise” in Norwegian. They are pleantiful up the whole of the Norwegian coast and like fjords, bays esturies and “harbour” areas. I am reliably informed that there are about 350 000 in the north sea.

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