The Other Easter Day

The day after Easter in Norway is known as andre påskedag. Andre can mean either second or other, hence the other Easter day, which is celebrated to an extent here, with church services either as a re-run of Easter day or using  with the Road to Emmaus text.

Sarah played for a service in Botnhamn old peoples centre, and I drove to the once a year service in Tennskær, both about an hours journey.

Tennskær lies at the northern end of the peninsula above Finnsnes, accessible by driving up either the west side through Bjorelvnes, or the east coast through Rossfjord. However, our sat nav (GPS) believed the only way to go was through Bjorelvnes, and it spent the whole journey silently willing me to turn round after I elected the marginally ‘less bad’ road through Rossfjord.

Rossfjordvatn, the body of inland water which connects to Rossfjord, is beginning to thaw, taking on the characteristic blue colour which apparently is an indicator that it’s dangerous to go on the ice – especially in a car!

Tennskær has no chapel, so we use the village hall, with a very small reed organ.  A good number of people came for worship, followed by coffee and cake. It was interesting twist to celebrate communion with white wine in a glass!

And here are some other pictures from the journey:

Tomorrow we’re back to normal.


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