Carbon Copy?

Today is the 1st of May, and it was almost a carbon copy of last year. The weather (sunshine and snow showers), Susanna playing a borrowed instrument in Finnsnes band, a rather small ‘workers parade’ to and from the quay to meet the Hurtigruter ferry, and almost nobody there to watch apart from a few band parents and tourists from the boat.

There were however some small differences. The music stand attachment from Susanna’s loaned instrument turned out to be missing it’s music stand, so we had to improvise. The new quayside library (sorry, “knowledge park”) which was under construction in last year’s pictures, is now finished and open.  And in a weird twist, the band flag bearer didn’t turn up, so I ended up leading the parade!




The question now is, will we get a super hot carbon copy summer too?!


2 responses to “Carbon Copy?

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