Two Seagulls

To miss quote (or Norweganise) the old saying: two seagulls do not a summer make!

Locals say that you know summer is here when the seagulls return. We heard one solitary gull in Holy Week which soon disappeared after several days of snow. Last week they began to re-appear in larger numbers, but the weather still hasn’t cooperated fully, with sunshine and snow showers now into May. Still, in order to keep warm they are practicing “singing”, fighting with each other for territory, and fighting with the crows for food. And soon they’ll be singing all night in the sun: oh joy !?

These pictures are from 1st May (note the spring flowers beside the frozen lake):

And today on the way to Husøy to play for a confirmation service there was a good 6 inches of snow on the road, and I had to shovel snow to clear a path into the church.


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