Barnekor’s Big Day Out

On Sunday, Barnekor (our childrens’ choir) were on tour. This year we went to Sandbakken kappel, only about 20 minutes drive onto Senja, but a small village which most of the children had never visited.

Before setting off on the bus we had a party for the singers and their families, including some games familiar to all (potato on spoon races, hopscotch/paradise, musical chairs and musical statues), a Bible quiz, and the chocolate game which seems to be unknown here (you know the game where when you roll 6 on a die, you don hat, scarf and gloves before attempting to eat chocolate with a knife and fork!). There was also colouring on the car park. Anyone guess the meaning of Kristina var her?

We were invited to sing at Sandbakken chapel’s 40th anniversary. It was a joyous service, and despite being low on numbers, the choir sang really well. Afterwards we enjoyed coffee and rather a lot of very good cake.

After the service, barnekor received a very generous and unexpected gift from Sandbakken kappel “to buy ice cream”. When we opened the envelope we found 1000 kroner (100 GBP / 160 dollars). I commented to our main choir helper ‘that’s enough ice cream to make everyone really sick’, and overhearing me, girl sat next to us responded with a delighted, celebratory YESSSSSS!!!!! And we did eat ice cream yesterday – but in moderation.


One response to “Barnekor’s Big Day Out

  1. Love all of the pictures. So glad that things seem to have thawed a bit. So very happy for Ruth and her new husband. They looked pretty happy themselves!! My guess is that “kristina var her” means the usual: Kristina was here. We miss you all and hope that you will be visiting us in South Carolina this summer. There is no snow or ice here. Love to all, Susan Tiller

    Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 21:27:40 +0000 To:

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