The Devil’s Dentist

Last Sunday was Pinse (Pentecost), then Monday was Andre Pinsedag (the other Pentecost, also a ‘holy day’ in Norway), which led a lot of people to have a long weekend. However, taking a long weekend was not very realistic for the church staff, but on Tuesday we did manage our annual staff day out.

This year we had a tour round Senja. We took the classic tourist route, but having had a gloriously sunny weekend, on Tuesday we got light rain and low cloud, so many of the views were somewhat obscured.  The first stop at the observation platform overlooking Bergfjord only yielded a good look at the inside of a cloud (here is what we should have seen). Hence, no pictures.

The second stop was Tungeneset, with a view over the fjord to the promontory known as the  Devil’s Teeth. Unfortunately it seems the devil had visited his dentist (tannlege) for some extractions, so the view looked more like his gums! See the classic views here.

All was not lost though. It was very still, so the ‘reflecting pools’ yielded interesting photos:

Even the local flowers had reflections in the rain drops collected in their leaves:

Having some knowledgeable locals with us was interesting. They pointed out a wrecked ship on the other side of the fjord, and the entrance to the graphite mine (a long time source of local employment and wealth):

The geology was also a source of interest. After some speculation about the existence of dragons (there appeared to be claw marks in some of the rocks), we discovered a stone man! See for yourself:

After Tungeneset we drove round to Ersfjord beach for a grill (barbeque) and beach games:


During lunch some fishermen headed into the fjord, accompanied by the traditional gathering of seagull. As the clouds began to lift, the scale of the boat versus the fjord became clearer (not to mention the devil started regaining his ‘teeth’):

The final stop was Mefjordvær where we visited the church. Local poet and musician couple Trond and Ragnhild Hellemo led a short program with reflections on church life in the village, some local history, poems and a song (which gave me chance to try the organ).

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