The Adventures Of Mr Snickers – Part 1

Die hard followers of the Arctic Organist may recall that last year I came across a ‘sculpture’ of a rabbit which I carved from a thermolite (concrete) block when I was about 10. It traveled with us to South Carolina and lived as an ornament in our garden in Georgetown. Sadly he was left behind, but is now in the safe keeping of our good friend David Collins. David has named him Mr Snickers, and he now accompanies David on his adventures as site manager (I hope that’s the correct term) for a large construction firm with contracts around the US. Here are farewell photos from David’s garden:

Every now and again we get a photo update from David. Here he is checking out the demolition for the new Residence Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia (Nov 2013):

inspecting the job site from atop the snow in Charlottesville on Valentines Day 2014 (probably a good job Mr Snickers couldn’t find a lady friend as I don’t know how many traveling companions David can take):

helping with office admin (still in Charlottesville, April 2014):

and finally, assisting in the design of the new ‘Hammerheads’ logo at an undisclosed location in June 2014. Hammerheads is the volunteer maintenance team at Prince George.

Thanks for taking care of him David! More updates over time.

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