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Være I Stillheten (FiF 2014)

Next week (28 July – 3 August 2014) is the annual festival, Finnsnes i Fest.

On Thursday 31st July, as is becoming our tradition, we are including Være I Stillheten as part of the festival program. This is an opportunity to enjoy an hour of peaceful and reflective live classical music with pictures and video, as well as sharing in two hymns, a responsive psalm and short prayers.


We are very pleased that Susanna will join us on Euphonium. Music will include (not in order):

Claire de lune     C. Debussy
Arise my love     Michael Card   
Schmücke, dich o liebe Seele     J.S. Bach
Euphonium Concerto (2nd movement)     Rolf
Romance for Euphonium
Dolly Suite  (1st and 3rd movements)    G. Faure
Piano sonata K309 (2nd movement)    W.A. Mozart   
Intermezzo No 1    J. Brahms
If God is for us (from Messiah)    G.F. Handel

The event is free and coffee will be served afterwards.

The poster in PDF format can be downloaded here.

Midnight Sun

Here are some midnight sun pictures, taken in early July. We’ve not seen much of it this year due to cloud, but this was definitely worth staying up for.

Here’s a quick video clip. Note the all night bird song!

Constitution Celebrations Continue

At the end of June our parish continued the 200th celebration of the signing of the Norwegian constitution with a special service in Rossfjord Church.

In 1814 each area of Norway signed the constitution in their parish churches. This year, all parishes with buildings extant from 1814 received copies of their ‘page’ to display. In Lenvik, the original church building has been replaced, but after much research and local debate it was decided that we could have a kind of stripped down version, because some of the fittings were old enough, coming from the original Lenvik parish church which stood at Lenvika, a site now unused and without a building.

So, with due ceremony, the mayor gave his speech and the display was hung up. The service was well attended, not only by people celebrating the constitution, but also by a large baptism party which included a  contingent of Russian orthodox Christians, so parts of the service were taken in Russian!

After the service the plan was to have cake and coffee, then for a flotilla of sailing boats to sail to the old Lenvika church site for an outdoor service. The original church bell was also to be taken back from Rossfjord church, to it’s former home and placed on a special stand. I had planned to go, but when it was announced that the big sail boat could not be used because it was too wind (!) so people would just sail small dinghys instead, I thought better of it and ‘bailed out’ after coffee and cake! However, a good time was reported by all, and thankfully no-one sank.

Here is a short video clip of the wild flowers in Rossfjord:

Getting In Trim

Sorry for the long gap between posts. Today we start trying to catch up, but we’re about to get a week without internet, so expect delays!

The winter did not yield many good ski days, and the spring has been quite busy (at least that’s our excuse), leading to a degree of out of ‘shapeness’. So we begun redressing the problem, and about 3 weeks ago we took a couple of trips up Varden, our local hill (450m / 1476′).

The first outing I was alone. At nearly 10pm there was still full sunshine as I walked up through the birch woods to the kvilabua (rest hut with the guest book). It was clear enough to see at least 40 miles. Just before I came back down I asked Sarah to go out on one of the balconies in our apartment block so I could see if the super zoom on our camera could see her – and it could, 3.5km (2 miles) away! Here are some pictures:

And here is a short video of the view over the island of Senja, the town of Silsand (over the bridge), and finally a part of Finnsnes.

The second trip was with Sarah. I think we must both have looked a bit puffed out nearing the top, when to boys ran past us and told us not to worry – there’s a really nice cool breeze at the top: cheeky monkeys!