Getting In Trim

Sorry for the long gap between posts. Today we start trying to catch up, but we’re about to get a week without internet, so expect delays!

The winter did not yield many good ski days, and the spring has been quite busy (at least that’s our excuse), leading to a degree of out of ‘shapeness’. So we begun redressing the problem, and about 3 weeks ago we took a couple of trips up Varden, our local hill (450m / 1476′).

The first outing I was alone. At nearly 10pm there was still full sunshine as I walked up through the birch woods to the kvilabua (rest hut with the guest book). It was clear enough to see at least 40 miles. Just before I came back down I asked Sarah to go out on one of the balconies in our apartment block so I could see if the super zoom on our camera could see her – and it could, 3.5km (2 miles) away! Here are some pictures:

And here is a short video of the view over the island of Senja, the town of Silsand (over the bridge), and finally a part of Finnsnes.

The second trip was with Sarah. I think we must both have looked a bit puffed out nearing the top, when to boys ran past us and told us not to worry – there’s a really nice cool breeze at the top: cheeky monkeys!


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