Constitution Celebrations Continue

At the end of June our parish continued the 200th celebration of the signing of the Norwegian constitution with a special service in Rossfjord Church.

In 1814 each area of Norway signed the constitution in their parish churches. This year, all parishes with buildings extant from 1814 received copies of their ‘page’ to display. In Lenvik, the original church building has been replaced, but after much research and local debate it was decided that we could have a kind of stripped down version, because some of the fittings were old enough, coming from the original Lenvik parish church which stood at Lenvika, a site now unused and without a building.

So, with due ceremony, the mayor gave his speech and the display was hung up. The service was well attended, not only by people celebrating the constitution, but also by a large baptism party which included a  contingent of Russian orthodox Christians, so parts of the service were taken in Russian!

After the service the plan was to have cake and coffee, then for a flotilla of sailing boats to sail to the old Lenvika church site for an outdoor service. The original church bell was also to be taken back from Rossfjord church, to it’s former home and placed on a special stand. I had planned to go, but when it was announced that the big sail boat could not be used because it was too wind (!) so people would just sail small dinghys instead, I thought better of it and ‘bailed out’ after coffee and cake! However, a good time was reported by all, and thankfully no-one sank.

Here is a short video clip of the wild flowers in Rossfjord:


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