Somewhere Under The Rainbow

The extremely warm and sunny weather we’ve experienced in northern Norway this summer (the news reports saying it’s the best in living memory) have apparently made the sea go turquoise and rather murky. Presumably it’s some kind of algae, although I’ve not read anything about it yet. The hot weather has also lead to a lot of thunderstorms (and related fired, scared campers, etc).

Here are some pictures, looking south towards Søreissa and the south of  Senja, with the sea and a rainbow. Oh, and the white Mercedes estate (station wagon), is NOT ours!



One response to “Somewhere Under The Rainbow

  1. I am not a believer in anthropological climate change – which sometimes makes me a little unpopular in the church. Nevertheless, I have no doubt our climate is changing (it’s just the *cause* of it that I am not convinced of). This year has been very, very unusual. In my twenty three years in this country, I have never experienced Norway so hot. 32ºC (90º F) in the shade must be a record! I find it, to be honest, also very unpleasant not being used to this at all. Yesterday Lødingen was hit by a…. wait for it… supercell! That is a first. Rare it has been for there to be *thunder* at all here in the Arctic, though the isolated flash of lightning has of course occurred – but to experience what I have now twice experienced, continual lightning and a continual rumbling of thunder is a novel experience indeed. Last night really took the biscuit, a warning from the met office that we were going to be hit by a supercell. I don’t think there has ever once been one so far North, and they hardly ever occur even in the South of Norway. And to hear of people getting their car windows smashed by hail, and dints on their car roofs! It has been an amazing year…. although I am hoping it soon returns to normal. If this is what you and yours brought from South Carolina, please send it back again. They are more than welcome to it!

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