Vassbruna II

Last September I took a walk up Vassbruna, the highest mountain in Lenvik kommune. At the beginning of July this year I walked it again, at the instigation of my friend Glenn. I should probably have known better having only previously managed 2 trips up our local hill, which is only 1/3 as high! But we set off anyway. Last year it took approximately 4.5 hours – this time it was almost 7 hours, and I was rather stiff for a few days afterwards!

The day was beautiful and the low lying meadows and woodland were lush green with lots of flowers.


As we climbed a little there was a waterfall which was still mostly running behind the snow.

Nearing the top we crossed a large area of snow at about 45 degrees, which in hind-sight was probably a big avalanche risk because the snow was melting fast – on our return our footprints were about an inch deep in melt water.

The view from the top was again spectacular, over the mountains of mid-Troms to the north, east and south (our county) and the island of Senja and the Atlantic to the west. Click for a 360 degree panorama.



We were high enough to look down on Kistefjell, the large mountain with the giant TV mast which dominates Finnsnes.

Despite the record breaking high temperatures we’ve experienced in 2014, there was a lot more snow on the top (this trip was 10 weeks earlier than last time), and some of the small mountain lakes were still frozen.

However, even on the very top we found some hard flowers. Here is some of the fauna and views from the way back down.

A good bit of exercise!!!


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  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Dr Forrester died yesterday.

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  2. thelma beaubian

    I told Olga and Ernie Abbott I enjoy your e-mails and the would like to receive them, This is their e-mail address.

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