Rudolph’s Family – Camping trip part 2

This is the second post about a three day hiking / camping trip in the mountains of Senja. You can read about Day 1 here, which includes a map of our whole route.

After a rather fitful nights sleep (it turned out the stone I was laying on wasn’t so very comfortable, and a passing heard of reindeer came pretty close), we were woken by the sudden warmth and of the sun rising over the mountain ridge. Imagine waking up to this view, without even having to open the curtains:


The distances we needed to cover were not huge, so we had a realatively lazy morning, swimming, eating breakfast and packing up camp. It was incredibly still with amazing reflections in the clear lake water.



Here is a 360 degree panorama.

So, around midday we set off! This was the day 2 route (click to enlarge, or or click here for a proper interactive map):


As we crossed the road in Kapperdalen we met some Germans from Bardufoss (a neighbouring parish to ours), so we stopped for a quick chat before beginning the walk up Istind, the highest point on our route.

As we climbed up, the panorama opened up before us (well, behind us) – click each to enlarge:


Rudolphs_Family_37Here are some smaller images, including cloud boiling over one of the outer fjords:

On one of my photo stops (better than calling it an out of breathe break), a strange bird caught our eyes in the distance, which quickly turned out to be a fighter plane well below us (not sure if it’s legal to post pictures of military maneuvers, so if I disappear without trace, you know why) :

Crossing a boulderfield (huge chunks of rock with no path – you just clamber) we came toward the top of Istind and rather appropriately, snow (Istind means Ice Peak). In one place the snow had melted leaving a snow cave with a rather precarious looking roof, ready to collapse:

Crossing the ridge on Istind from Kapperdalen we were treated to a great 360 degree panroama:



From here, most of the rest of the walk was down hill. However it was quite tough going, with several kilometer more of the boulderfield on Tverrfjellet. On the up side, the rocks were actually quite photogenic, and we were amazed by the way that large slabs of white and black rocks lay side by side, with no apparent rhyme or reason:

As the post’s title suggests, we saw reindeer. Initially there was a very wary family at a distance, then we encountered a beautiful buck at close quarters – I don’t know who was more startled!

A by product of being up with the snow was a good supply of ice cold water, both for drinking and swimming (although we didn’t try the later!):

Our afternoon views were to the south (over the sea to Tranøy, Dyrøy, Søreissa and in the far distance Andenes and the Lofoten isalnds):

and west to the fjords on the Atlantic west coast:


There was one ridge in particular which was weird: how do you get a rock formation to look like that?

Coming down from Tverrfjelet we skirted a small lake before coming steeply down beside a waterfall towards Kapervatnet:



It was also at this point that we encountered a lot of the mythical multebære (cloudberries), much sought after and highly prized by Norwegians – and a lot of mygg (mosquitoes). So, the two foreigners (Frank is German) ignored the mygg and plucked the multe:



Having done our bit to feed the local insect population, we walked on another hour or so past Kappervatnet (which bizarrely is not in Kapperdalen, but the next valley over). As the full moon rose, we stopped for the night at 10.30 pm, again failing to find a large enough flat, dry area to pitch the tent (360 degree panorama here):


At well gone midnight our campfire was mingling with the mist over the lake:



The end of another great day!

Day 3 coming soon.


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