Wierd Trees – Camping trip part 3

This is day 3 of a camping trip on Senja. Here are links to Day 1, Day 2, and an interactive map of the journey.

A second night with not much sleep (this time there was so much dew that everything, including my sleeping bag ended up quite wet). The first two pictures were taken at 2am and the third, at 4am:


Once the day had properly arrived and the sun had dried out the sleeping bag, etc, it was time to get officially wet before breakfast (the lake was a bit warmer):

Despite walking on one of the main tourist trails on Senja, we only encountered about 10 people in 3 days. However, we also shared the paths with a good complement of animals, including reindeer and mouse (elk). However, here is one print we didn’t recognise: any ideas?

Speaking of trails, this was the route for the day, taking us through the Ånderdalen National Park, to our final destination at Tranøybotn.


We set off with an initial short up hill stint:


before we walked down to Åndervatnet.

As we descended, the woodland began to change from basically silver birch, to firs and pines, which is pretty rare in northern Norway, and even more so because they were tall! However a proportion of them were either dead or dying, leading to some very strange shapes and “skeletons”. It was fascinating to see the way that the trunk and branches of many trees grew like cork screws: a feature normally masked by bark. Here’s a selection from the day:

Aside from tree-spotting, the trail took us along the banks of Åndervatnet, with views of Henrikshovudet, Kolkjerka and Blåfjellet. A 360 degree panroama can be found here.




We were also on alert for Multebær (cloud berries), although we were not as successful as the previous day. However, the search detours off the beaten track added several hours to our journey!

On one of the detours we made an usual discovery: a pair of old wooden skis leant against a tree. The wood was de-laminating. We wonder whether they are perhaps a memorial to someone, so we took only pictures.

Leaving the lake behind we walked for a while beside the river:

The final leg of the journey was across a large area of upland wetland with a rather unique system of plank walkways extending several kilometers to protect the landscape from erosion and walkers from the mud (I was busy balancing, so didn’t take any pictures).

Have experienced excellent weather for the whole trip, it started to rain a few drops in the final ten minutes before Sarah collected us. Then, just as we got into the car, the heavens opened and it rained solidly for the next day and a half!

And to finish, here is a rather perfect looking flower.



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