A Shorter Walk

Not having another 3 days spare for a camping trip, last Saturday I had a half day walk. The original plan was to walk from Finnsnes to Bjorelvnes passing below Kistefjell. However, we set off without a map and quickly found out that despite a very large signpost at the beginning of the route, the path quickly divided into a number of much smaller unmarked ways. And so it was that we ended up most of the way up Kistefjell (the big mountain with the TV transmitter tower on the top), without a realistic way of finding the right path to Bjorelvnes. However, instead of admitting defeat, we improvised, renaming our walk a multe tur (a trip to find multebær / cloud berries), and voila, success. We came, we plucked, we conquered!

The view towards Kistefjell, before the wrong turn.


The view from Kistefjell, after the wrong turn, looking west over Senja.A_Shorter_Walk_03



And south again on the way home.A_Shorter_Walk_04


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